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MobilEars is a revolutionary Health-Care App that serves Hearing-Aid industry. It is a beautiful conglomerate of technological advancements and Core-Audio science. It is “Touch-Key” solution that puts testing of Hearing capacity at clinician’s fingertip and eliminates the need to travel to an advance Hearing lab.
Perfectly serves the 3Cs-mantra, Convenient – Cost-effective – Comfortable !!!

“With iPad models being updated frequently, we wanted to make sure it is easy to add support for new models. Blue Whale created a solution that is flexible without compromising accuracy.”

– Customer

THE CHALLENGES: Creating software tailored to each individual iPad-model accounting for each decibel (dB) was the key!

MobilEars is a company that provides hearing test solutions and customized premium hearing aids. The client came to Blue Whale to develop an iPad app that can eliminate the need for going to Hearing lab for a testing hearing capacity of patients. The eminent challenge was to master an Audio Calibration for a given iPad hardware. With the patient’s information at hand, the client stressed to make the solution HIPAA compliant. With the variety of iPad models available, it was crucial that the calibration module is smart enough to work across the varying audio chipsets.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Core-Audio
  • Scalable Cloud Deployment
  • Stripe Integration for Payment

THE SOLUTION: Blue Whale team documented the detailed core audio specifications and created a proprietary calibration process.

The development team worked closely with audiology labs and doctors to develop the calibration process. The process was engineered to accommodate various audio chipsets and headphones. The solution is deployed on a HIPAA compliant platform to ensure patient’s data privacy. It is built on scalable infrastructure. After countless test cycles and application of the various concepts of audio engineering, Blue Whale team finalized the project that generates certified audiograms.

Tools Used: Swift, Core Audio framework, AudioKit, RoR, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

– Solutions Team

THE RESULTS: Proprietary solution that provides hearing tests at affordable price

The client is an industry expert. With their valuable input, Blue Whale came up with an innovative and cost-effective solution that made testing for ‘Hearing Loss’ easy for any clinic to perform. The management web portal has the ability for an ADMIN to verify the validity of each test performed and provide recommendations to visit an expert if necessary.

Features: Geo-Tagging for locating the Kioks, HIPAA compliant BaaS (Backend as a Service), Stripe for the Payment transaction, Data warehousing for reporting and Clinic Management.

– Customer Success Team