Testing Is Crucial for Quality Apps

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According to a report from Software Development Times, “A recent mobile app survey found that a faulty app would lead a staggering 96% of users to write up a bad review, and that 44% of people would immediately delete the app.” While we’ve long known that human nature deems happy customers are rarely motivated intrinsically to write a glowing praise report of a product or service that please them but are quick to voice angst over bad services or products these survey results are staggering for mobile app developers who sometimes skip app testing prior to release. Bad app reviews can ruin your app sales- and your business. thumbs up or down

How to Avoid Bad App Reviews
If you want to avoid bad app reviews, be sure to provide an alternative outlet for feedback for consumers. Clearly communicate your willingness to receive and respond to feedback from consumers, and be sure to respond to feedback in a timely manner. App users are also notorious for reporting app companies with poor response in App Store reviews. Including a “contact us” button readily accessible from within the app may delay the posting of negative reviews long enough for you correct the problem and create a happy consumer.
Be sure to thoroughly test your apps prior to release. Releasing a BETA version, even if labeled as BETA, is simply not acceptable for the majority of consumers. The public has come to expect high performance from technology, and apps are expected to perform well once out of the starting gate and in the App Store. BETA testing should be offered to a select group of individuals before submission to the App Store.
Also, don’t forget to let consumers know you cannot respond to negative reviews left in the App Store, and private communication is the best way to have problems resolved. Remember the old adage, “The customer is always right”? When it comes to unhappy app consumers, your response should always be about accepting responsibility for the malfunction and placating the customer. The Internet hath no fury like a consumer scorned. If you respond with rudeness, indifference to the customer’s plight, or outright hostility, you can bet your response will spread through the Inter-webs like wildfire- ruining your reputation and future sales.
How to Get More Positive App Reviews
The most important thing for all mobile app development companies to ensure before asking for positive reviews to make sure your product is solid. Get the bugs worked out before the public views your app, and clean up any unresolved issues quickly once they come to your attention.
If you want your good app reviews to out-weigh your bad reviews, be sure to provide some sort of external motivation for consumers to click through and write up a review. Positive reviews are like gold in the bank, and you shouldn’t expect consumers to hand them over freely. Even an occasional “nag box” to prompt users to leave a review can be effective, but only if the nag is disabled once a review is completed. Provide a free bonus (for games) or a pleasant message to help consumers feel good about taking time to fill out a positive review. Sweeten the deal when asking for reviews to motivate consumers to share their experiences with your app.
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