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Can iPad app developers help your young child with Special Needs?
Yes! The iPad provides an opportunity for your child with specials needs to connect to learning with out distractions. Consider the easy to use touch screen facilitating obstacles once experienced by those with poor manual dexterity. Also, the iPad’s lightness and size, make it easy to carry around. The user interface and interaction with the toddler also make apps extremely effective in therapies. It’s much more interesting to a 4 year old with Down Syndrome to play a fun game with speech prompts, than to flip through a 2D outdated book in the therapist’s office.
The special needs market has been identified as one of the most impactful education areas of iPad app development. Therapists are hiring iPhone app developers to bring their therapy tools to the iTunes market. Not only is it a great business opportunity, but it also helps others. Consider the apps from The Lingraphica company. The have released a number
of aphasia related apps to assist those with difficulty communicating. A number of therapists are using the Small Talk Apps in therapy sessions.http://www.aphasia.com/slp/product_smalltalk.aspx
Parents and therapists alike can use different iPad apps during therapy sessions or at home to help their children and clients. Interactive educational/ therapeutic games can be designed and developed by professional iPhone app developers to engage this sometimes hard to reach demographic.
Keep an eye out as more iPad and iPhone development companies enter the special needs market in the iTunes store.
Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net