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Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2011 (WWDC) starts next week, and there’s much anticipation about what Apple will reveal and how it will impact the business world.
Revealing the latest innovations for technologies that influence and change people’s behavior, business owners and marketers need to be paying close attention to see what new features are coming in iOS 5, the operating system that powers the next gen iPhone and iPad.  Typically Apple is known for using this platform to launch their new hardware, but so far there’s no reports on the launch of the new iphone 5, which has many asking, “What has Apple got up their sleeve?”  Speculation is on; iCloud a music streaming service, integration with Twitter, and how IOS’ innovations may impact the Mac.
We’re particularly interested to learn more about an Apple TV announcement – Apple has been a bit late to the game with building out Apps on their Apple TV platform. Google TV, Samsung and Yahoo all have apps that run on TVs now. This represents a BIG market for Apple as the ATV has had some great updates over the last few months.
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