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  1. Faster Mobile Development: With mobile apps being more popular than ever, companies are struggling to release their apps fast enough. The challenge for app developers – reducing the time lapse between concept to creation. The result – rapid app development tools that help launch apps faster than anyone else, such as http://www.paintcodeapp.com/ and http://www.invisionapp.com/.

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Our managing director Gregg Weiss was recently interviewed as part of Clutch’s expert interview series on mobile app development. ID-100148286Clutch, the leading resource for mobile app developer reviews, probed topics such as app development cost and mobile platform selection.
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Skip A Beat is theID-100100850 App Store’s newest gaming app that requires the user’s heart beat to control the game.  This was developed by Happitech and its purpose was the make users more aware of their heart beat; learning to control it in a fun manner.  The concept is unique, because this is the first app that does this.
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Fast food has always been an American favorite, but now mobile app development makes getting your favorite french fix even easier. Many fast food restaurants have taken advantage of the popularity of mobile applications with mobile coupons, mobile-friendly websites, and themed games and contests diners can engage with smartphones. A few restaurants are even taking the mobile app craze to new heights with mobile ordering.
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