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When looking to hire an iPhone app developer or app development company, it can get overwhelming. The app market has grown leaps and bounds since Apple’s introduction of the iPhone and app store. So, it’s no wonder
 developers are working hard to capitalize on this market and opportunity. But, what does that mean to you? How do you know the difference between a new iPhone app developer and a seasoned professional?   
A few key questions to ask…

What is your process? This answer will help you understand what to expect in the iPhone app development process. A typical process can be boiled down to a few steps: definition, information architecture, UI/UX Design, development and testing.
What happens after app submission? Apple is always releasing new features and devices, and operating systems. Ask your developer if they attended WWDC and have the latest version of the SDK. How much do they charge for maintenance? 
 Who owns the source code? You should always maintain that you own the source code. A good way to manage the source code is to create a dropbox account.
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