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On June 29, 2007, Apple introduced the phone. Not long after, it became a staple in many households and businesses, revolutionizing the way both functioned in their day-to-day lives.

With the 1st generation iPhone, Apple had a product that embodied the saying, “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been,” as it was the first mobile phone to feature an actually usable, multi-language, multi-touch virtual keyboard and a desktop-like web browser experience, which is the norm nowadays.

However, it wasn’t until March 6, 2008 that Apple released a software development kit (SDK), opening up the ability for developers to develop apps for the iPhone operating system (iOS), and with that, iOS app development and app development companies were born.

Today, the mobile landscape is awash with iOS apps that serve nearly every purpose imaginable, ranging from entertainment to productivity improvement with more being developed every day, making it self-evident that apps for the iPhone and iPad, and the need for iOS app development are here to stay.

iPhone App Development

There is no denying that the rise of mobile phones has significantly defined the technology of the 21st Century, ushering in an entirely new era of connectivity and interaction. Since the mid-2000s, we’ve seen the launch of Apple’s iPhone, Google’s acquisition of Android, Inc., the roll out of both company’s mobile operating systems, and the subsequent meteoric rise in the number of iOS and Android apps in the marketplace.

For most companies, launching an app is a mark of success – the launch has to be of extremely high quality, matching the overall standard set by the rest of the top apps. Your reputation and trust rests upon how well your app conveys your features and branding, and app-based interaction can make or break success.

Millions of people the world over have got their hands on Blue Whale apps. Spend just a few minutes with some of the featured apps presented and you’ll see why companies, game developers, and newcomers to the exciting world of mobile apps go with Blue Whale when they want to make a splash.

iPad App Development

The phone may be the way to a person’s routine, but when they want to truly experience a mobile-first platform, your customers turn to the iPad. It’s no wonder that Apple’s tablet has seen such success, with the iPad selling 30 million plus units year over year for past 4 years: the sleek design, clear focus on usability, and beautiful Retina screen all make for a top-notch user experience that any phone – iPhone and Android both – cannot match.

With the last iOS 12, it may seem that any old iPhone app can work on the iPad, just because they share the same operating system, the reality is considerably different! Though you can run iPhone apps within the iPad environment, the truth is that designing and building an app destined for the iPad means taking extreme care and concern for the platform alone, using design cues and organization that make sense on the larger, more capable platform.

Many app designers will make the mistake of assuming that the iPad is just a “bigger” iPhone, but the truth is much more complex. Blue Whale’s experienced design team is well equipped to deliver personalized – best in class – experience on iPad.

Developing iOS Apps for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

Blue Whale is been serving from Fortune 500 to a Startup. Whether it’s an internal app to increase efficiency in your workforce or a consumer-facing app meant to “get with the times,” there’s no question that a well-developed app can be the catalyst your business needs to achieve bigger and better results.

App Development Statistics

Still on the fence? Need some numbers to pull the trigger? Consider the following:

  • The app store is available to over 150 + countries
  • There are over 2,000,000 apps developed for iOS, a number which continues to grow daily
  • According to Forbes, mobile app development market is expected to reach heights of over $100 billion in a next few year.
  • Additionally, Statista reports the world is expected to pass the 5 billion mobile devices by  2019;

With that, the iPhone is iconic, and with no signs of mobile slowing down, there is no better time to start in on an iOS app development project than today!

Why Blue Whale Apps?

Because we’re good at what we do! Our know-how on Apple and Google’s eco-system will benefit your business plan. Backed by a team of highly experienced professionals, Blue Whale has worked with some of the world’s leading technology, advertising, and design companies, alongside corporate clients ranging from Dun & Bradstreet to NBC Universal. What’s more, millions of people from all over the world have accessed a Blue Whale app, which serves as fairly large testament to the utility and popularity of what we produce.

That said, we encourage you to spend just a few minutes with some of our featured apps to get an understanding for why large corporations, game developers, and newbies alike turn to Blue Whale when they want to make a splash!

Not sure about developing an iOS app? Check out our infographic “A Smart Approach to mobile app development” or contact us about your project for a complimentary consultation.

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