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Client: Mead Johnson located in Glenview, IL.

Problem: Mead Johnson had an existing iPhone app to support expecting mothers by allowing them to track their pregnancy. They came to Blue Whale looking to develop an Android version. All of the designs and UI were provided by the Client.

Solution: Blue Whale used the existing app as a guide for the Android version. In addition, multiple improvements were made to accommodate differences in user interface between iPhone and Android.

Features: Ability to enter a due date and receive daily tips during pregnancy. Includes features for notifying key contacts when in labor as well as tracking contractions. Users can also enter information about the baby when born and send out a birth announcement to contacts.

Tools Used: Native java programming for Android OS.

Total Development Time: 12 weeks from start to submission.

With market share increasing daily, developing and maintaining an Android app guarantees that you reach your full market right where it matters: their pockets. Focusing on Android can set you far ahead of competitors, embracing the 51.5% of mobile users in love with the operating system. Android growth is continually skyrocketing, quickly catching the explosive growth of the iPhone’s iOS, but many companies are slow to the punch when it comes to building quality Android apps.

Most think of Android development as a secondary task, but at Blue Whale, we see Android as a new medium to showcase you. Relying on a team born and raised in clean design, mobile-focused technology, and Android-first apps, Blue Whale delivers premium-quality applications that put the core of our talent in your customer’s hands.

Blue Whale focuses on the user experience first, making sure that your customers and evangelists get the highest-quality treatment across the branded app. While design, feature sets, and downloads are all critical, a bad user experience leaves users disappointed. With the experience firmly in mind, Blue Whale taps its mastery in design and functionality to deliver a beautiful, highly-useful experience to customers, utilizing modern aesthetics, clean, elegant design, advanced features, and a clear sense of purpose to bring together your app. The app should be an experience, and Blue Whale strives to bring that experience straight to your user’s phone.

The showcase app in the Android stable at Blue Whale is our recent work with Enfamil, the baby formula trusted by millions of parents across the United States. Naturally, with such a reputation, the demands were high: our app had to be both accessible and highly functional. Enfamil and Blue Whale developed the ExpectingBaby app, giving expecting parents a central hub for all things birth. Now, rather than keeping dates, milestones, plans, and contacts all over the place, expecting parents can have a one-stop place to keep prepared, safe, and ready for baby’s arrival! In the words of Enfamil:

“Their recommendation and delivered product was strategically effective, and increased the mobile app’s overall engagement by over 30 pts. I plan to use Blue Whale in the future for additional mobile application development.”

– Todd Southern, Director of CRM & Digital Marketing, Mead Johnson Nutrition, makers of Enfamil

Let Blue Whale master your next Android app, bringing together the power of the right team, the right experience, and the right goals.


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