he phone may be the way to a person’s routine, but when they want to truly experience a mobile-first platform, your customers turn to the iPad. It’s no wonder that Apple’s tablet has seen such success, with the iPad selling 26 million units in the first quarter of 2014 alone: the sleek design, clear focus on usability, and beautiful Retina screen all make for a top-notch user experience that any phone – iPhone and Android both – cannot match.

While it may seem that any old iPhone app can work on the iPad, just because they share the same operating system, the reality is vastly different! Though you can run iPhone apps within the iPad environment, the truth is that designing and building an app destined for the iPad means taking extreme care and concern for the platform alone, using design cues and organization that make sense on the larger, more capable platform. Many app designers will make the mistake of assuming that the iPad is just a “bigger” iPhone, but the truth is much more complex.