Developers Thrive While Microsoft Pays

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In a recent report, Microsoft revealed that it is still paying app developers to create applications for the Windows phone- just to stay viable in the market. Mobile app developers generally jump at the chance to design apps for the iOS and Android market, since placing a decent app in either venue has a good chance of turning a large profit. But coders tend to shy away from the Windows phone platform, citing a lack of interest so poor that they’d have to claim a loss just to develop a Windows Phone app.

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Windows Phone Mobile App Development
With the recent release of the Nokia Lumina 900, a Windows Phone, the OS generated a good deal of buzz in the industry, but the limelight was short lived as consumers expressed their disappointment with dismal sales figures for the model. With stiff competition from the vast array of apps available for the ever-popular iPhone and the fiercely loyal Android fan-base, Windows seems destined to trail along until something drastic happens in the industry- like Apple and Google drop off the face of the Earth.
Microsoft has already diversified its product portfolio extensively, leaving one to wonder why they don’t simply give the Windows Phone dream and focus their interests elsewhere in light of the unyielding competition. For whatever reason, Microsoft continues to sink up to $600,000 into mobile app development companies just to stay afloat.
iOS Mobile App Development
Conversely, the iOS app platform is teemed with new submissions every day, and sales continue to soar since the release of the iPhone 4S last fall. The newly released iPad (third generation) also provided a healthy boost in sales, with loyal Apple fans and tech lovers lining up for hours to get one of the first models for sale in Apple retail stores a few months ago.
Android Mobile App Development
Android mobile apps development has also seen a surge in sales as Google fans expressed their recent excitement over the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Nexus (and the S II) and the reemergence of the popular Motorola Razr Maxx- in a Droid edition. With endless jokes of, “These are not the Droids you’re looking for,” the Android platform is nearly guaranteed to be hit with the slightly geeky, technology loving Google crowd. It’s hard not to love the little green Android robot who graces everything from workstations to coffee mugs since the release of the first Droid phone, and fans tout the open free platform as the game changer in the mobile phone application development industry that allows anyone with the skills to make it big- thanks to Google.
For the savvy iPhone app development company, Microsoft’s attempts to pay its way into the competition only serves to strengthen the iOS platform standings as a quality and worthwhile product. Mobile app development is a highly competitive industry, but it seems that very few mobile app developers will take the time to bite Microsoft’s dangling bait of seed money to develop a mobile app that so few consumers will ever buy or utilize.
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