RedUX is the buzzword used to build innovative mobile as well as web applications that run in different environments, are consistent and are easy to test. It is a predictable state container which can be clubbed with any other JavaScript front-end development framework or with Vanilla JavaScript.

Still, widely used is the combination of ReactJS + Redux which is a pretty hot stuff right now. Redux is like becoming a de facto to build any React app, offering an unparalleled experience to the developers with live code editing coupled with a time travelling debugger.

Changing the landscape of technology, Redux is a complimentary library to ReactJS library solving the events (Actions) and the data (state) problems. ReactJS, the brainchild of Facebook, lacks in the unified approach to divide the app into multiple components and thus fails to keep track of the data as well as actions. Redux is the only way to solve this problem as it isolates the store having data so that all the components can interact with it to get all the state objects.

While React and Redux are not directly related – Redux controls the app’s state changes while React renders the view of the data. Redux has the ability to make your applications more performant, reliable, scalable and easier to debug.


So how to use React and Redux together:

Binding React and Redux is pretty simple, you just find top level ReactJS components and set Redux state inside these components. When the state changes, you can use a simple command, handy to trigger the re-render.

You can also benefit from other awesome React+ Redux development tools which let you inspect the rendered tree of the ReactJS elements. This can be extremely useful for seeing how things actually appear in the browser in real-time. Some of these tools are even more impressiveas it allows to maintain a track of every action and state change that occur along with giving you the freedom to travel back in time and make changes.

You can also set up the hot module replacement with webpack to make page updates as soon as you save the changes in your code – no refreshing of the browser is required. Using Redux boosts the efficiency of feedback loops to tweak your components and reducers.

There are a few other libraries that complement Redux:

  • js – Immutable data structures for JavaScript! Store your state in these in order to make sure it isn’t mutated where it shouldn’t be, and to enforce reducer purity.
  • redux-thunk– This is used for when your actions need to have a side effect other than updating the application state. For example, calling a REST API, or setting routes, or even dispatching other actions.
  • reselect– Use this for compose able, lazily-evaluated, views into your state. For example, for a particular component you might want to:
  • inject only the relevant part of the global state tree, rather than the whole thing
  • inject extra derived data, like totals or validation state, without putting it all in the store

You don’t necessarily require them from the beginning. Depending on whom you ask, Redux may or may not be ‘true’ Flux. But we suggest that it’s aligned well-enough with the core ideas to call it a Flux framework, but the argument is a semantic one anyway.


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The new milestone that is being achieved by technology every period of time is making human life much easier. Web technology is a collection of dynamic web pages which are produced by the set of many languages and multimedia packages.

Web Technology has given us the following…

Communication via social media:

Earlier communication was limited to few telephone calls or exchange of letters but now its totally different. Nowadays, frequent e-mails have taken the place of letters. Online chats are now a better substitute for phone calls. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are everywhere to stay connected with the world via sharing photos or posting your thoughts and so on,

A lot of the viral dynamics obtained from the web can be an aftermath of the spread of data through the word of mouth caused by these social media sites.

Abundant Knowledge

With a single click of button you can get any information on any subject easily over a relevant website address. Years ago it was difficult for people to manually go through countless books to get a particular piece of information. But, the web technology allows you to get hundreds of relevant links on a particular topic within a fraction of a second.

Online Shopping and Ticketing

Shopping process has been made easy with the access to number of Ecommerce sites. A businesses can sell their products or render their services online. You can make use of internet marketing technologies such as online advertising, email marketing, viral marketing and much more to create a profitable business. These technologies will help you in establishing your business in the online marketplace.

The cumbersome procedures of booking tickets, filling, submission of forms and making entries are all reduced with the use of web technology.

Online banking 

A lot simpler as all of the information regarding the stock exchange reaches the broker’s convenience although online bank helps all purchases from inside the limits of the house. Aside from stocks, forex trade’s current trend can also be among the industrial purposes of ecommerce.

Among the greatest programs of internet technology would be to use online banking which certainly increased the usage of the web as individuals who formerly considered the web to become a waste of time now recognized its potential like a profitable and handy income-offering choice.

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Apple’s game changing “App Store” now supports a market of more than 200 million iOS device users worldwide. Wow!

According to data from Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst Gene Munster, iOS users will download 61 percent more apps in 2011 than they did in 2010. Breaking it down by individual device, Munster says each user will download 83 apps in 2011 compared to 51 apps in 2010.

Apple’s advantage continues to be the sheer volume of apps available for download. Apple’s App Store has more than 425,000 apps submitted by many of the mobile app developers. In comparison, Android Market has 200,000 apps available to download. In May, Google said it crossed the 4.5 billion downloaded application mark. Last week, Apple said it crossed the 15 billion threshold.

app storeLast week Apple said users had downloaded more than 15 billion apps to date. The App Store now has more than 425,000 apps available for download, with more than 100,000 of them being native for the iPad.

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Can iPad app developers help your young child with Special Needs?

Yes! The iPad provides an opportunity for your child with specials needs to connect to learning with out distractions. ID-10063652Consider the easy to use touch screen facilitating obstacles once experienced by those with poor manual dexterity. Also, the iPad’s lightness and size, make it easy to carry around. The user interface and interaction with the toddler also make apps extremely effective in therapies. It’s much more interesting to a 4 year old with Down Syndrome to play a fun game with speech prompts, than to flip through a 2D outdated book in the therapist’s office.

The special needs market has been identified as one of the most impactful education areas of iPad app development. Therapists are hiring iPhone app developers to bring their therapy tools to the iTunes market. Not only is it a great business opportunity, but it also helps others. Consider the apps from The Lingraphica company. The have released a number

of aphasia related apps to assist those with difficulty communicating. A number of therapists are using the Small Talk Apps in therapy sessions.

Parents and therapists alike can use different iPad apps during therapy sessions or at home to help their children and clients. Interactive educational/ therapeutic games can be designed and developed by professional iPhone app developers to engage this sometimes hard to reach demographic.

Keep an eye out as more iPad and iPhone development companies enter the special needs market in the iTunes store.

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When looking to hire an iPhone app developer or app development company, it can get overwhelming. The app market has ID-100288985grown leaps and bounds since Apple’s introduction of the iPhone and app store. So, it’s no wonder
 developers are working hard to capitalize on this market and opportunity. But, what does that mean to you? How do you know the difference between a new iPhone app developer and a seasoned professional?   
A few key questions to ask…

What is your process? This answer will help you understand what to expect in the iPhone app development process. A typical process can be boiled down to a few steps: definition, information architecture, UI/UX Design, development and testing.

What happens after app submission? Apple is always releasing new features and devices, and operating systems. Ask your developer if they attended WWDC and have the latest version of the SDK. How much do they charge for maintenance? 
 Who owns the source code? You should always maintain that you own the source code. A good way to manage the source code is to create a dropbox account.

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Today I read a rumor on Digital Trends today that Apple is going to make a real Apple TV – not a little black box, but the flat screen type. apple tv2 resized 600

Apple is already in the monitor/TV business with its georgous iMacs. This move would make a lot of sense for Apple and be another unexpected booming product line.

It’s also the end of the chain in a sense that they control the content (movies, apps, tv shows) on the TV via iTunes distribution and payment system, they control the hardware that you consume this content on. A real Apple TV is Apple’s attempt to own the hardare in your living room. They already own it while you’re there anyway with the iPhone and iPad.

Before Apple gets into TV business, I’d like to see them build out the new Apple TV and create a TV App Store just like Yahoo Connected TV, Google TV and Samsung TV.

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Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2011 (WWDC) starts next week, and there’s much anticipation about what Apple will reveal and how it will impact the business world.

Revealing the latest innovations for technologies that influence and change people’s behavior, business owners and marketers need to be paying close attention to see what new features are coming in iOS 5, the operating system that powers the next gen iPhone and iPad.  Typically Apple is known for using this platform to launch their new hardware, but so far there’s no reports on the launch of the new iphone 5, which has many asking, “What has Apple got up their sleeve?”  Speculation is on; iCloud a music streaming service, integration with Twitter, and how IOS’ innovations may impact the Mac.

We’re particularly interested to learn more about an Apple TV announcement – Apple has been a bit late to the game with building out Apps on their Apple TV platform. Google TV, Samsung and Yahoo all have apps that run on TVs now. This represents a BIG market for Apple as the ATV has had some great updates over the last few months.

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