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These days, it’s hard to imagine everyday life without mobile apps. After all, apps are present in almost everything we do from banking, traveling, shopping, dining, cooking, exercising, and WOW, how the list goes on. That leads us to the now very common statement, “There’s gotta be an app for that.” While mobile app usage continues to be on the rise, mobile app development is also getting bigger, better, and more efficient. Check out the stats below…
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This past Wednesday, Apple and IBM announced that their 2014 collaboration, IBM MobileFirst for iOS, has more than 100 enterprise-focused apps developed to work across iPads and iPhones – accomplishing a goal set at the onset of the relationship. For Apple, who has traditionally focused on individual tech users, this new venture is definitely a leap into a different direction that exclusively targets business consumers. The new apps are tailor-made for corporate teams and work alongside IBM’s corporate analytics, security, and cloud-based services.
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If your company does not have a mobile presence yet, you may be missing out on potential customers. Or maybe you already have a mobile friendly website, but have you considered developing a dedicated mobile application to help you reach a wider audience full of future customers?
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  1. Faster Mobile Development: With mobile apps being more popular than ever, companies are struggling to release their apps fast enough. The challenge for app developers – reducing the time lapse between concept to creation. The result – rapid app development tools that help launch apps faster than anyone else, such as and

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Did you know there are currently over 8 million apps available in both the Android and iOS app store? This astonishing amount of apps can make it difficult to stand out in the crowd, especially when the goal is to prompt maximum downloads and gain repeat usage from a loyal consumer base. This is why marketing plays such a critical role in the success of an app after it has been developed. Here we cover some of the more effective ways to market your app.
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In today’s business world, mobile app development is a critical component in a marketing strategy and a major source of revenue for many companies.  Considering all that is at stake, you’d think there would be more attention paid to the fine details of mobile apps.  From security issues to business-boosting capabilities, it seems that a lot of companies are falling short on the potential that mobile apps can bring to the party. According to a recent report in Accenture, titled Growing the Digital Business: Spotlight on Mobile Apps, here’s why…
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It’s certainly nothing new.  Corporate-branded mobile apps have long since changed the game in marketing, proving to be a critical component in how the brand connects to its customers and thus having a serious impact on a company’s bottom line. The game is nowhere over, and in fact is only getting more competitive and important to a company’s marketing strategy. A new study from Iowa State University found that there is a direct link between app use, purchase behaviors, and sales.  The real bottom line in this instance – “the more engaging the app, the more customers will spend,” as stated in an article from
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Exciting news in the app development world and for Apple fans everywhere – Paper by Fiftythree, the mega-popular iPad drawing app, is coming to the iPhone.  According to a blog post on their website, the critically acclaimed app will soon make its big debut, but has yet to provide a release date.
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Ever since the introduction of the smart phone, not only has the way we communicate changed, so has the way we access information. Mobile apps have become one of the critical components in smart devices that have allowed for easier access to this information, now available at our fingertips anytime, anywhere. Originally developed more for entertainment, apps have now become a huge medium for promoting products and services, no matter the size or function of a company.  In fact, they are so beneficial for business that mobile apps are becoming equally as important to a company as a website. Where an online existence is critical, so too is the mobile app in terms of instant access.  Here are a few reasons why….
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Lots of people were scratching their heads after the WWDC developers’ conference after Apple previewed its new music subscription and radio service, set to debut on June 30.  Unfortunately, the reviews were not kind.
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