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Blue Whale recently developed an iPhone app for a company called Simpler Options.  They are an options trading company based out of Austin, Texas.  Their app is a free tool that allows a user to calculate the first and second deviation strikes for using an Iron Condor options strategy.
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iOS app developers recently got a boost from Apple in the form of the new iAd Workbench. This new developer tool will help mobile app developers target specific audiences with relevant app ads. Initially, the service was realeased with an exorbitantly high minimum advertising budget of $500,000. Today, the start up investment is only $50, a much more reasonable budget for app developers of all kinds, making the service useful for all app developers.
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We are all aware of how difficult it can to search for certain types of apps in the App Store.  Whether you’re looking for a new puzzle game, task planner, girl with binocularsrecipe generator, it can be tough.  Thankfully, Apple has recently updated iOS 7, with their 7.1 release, to help you search for the app you’re looking for!  It currently comes with ‘search suggestions’.
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Popular fast food chain McDonald’s is now targeting kids with the release of a mobile app for iOS and Android. The McPlay App is available for free from the App Stores, but many kids may find the app a bit… lame. Kids are prompted to toss a ball into a Happy Meal box to collect nutritious foods once the app opens. There’s also an informational section for parents about the nutritional values of McDonald’s foods, and not much else.
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Vine has definitely made it through the grapevine. It is now a top iPhone and Android App.  Vine LogoThis app has put a new spin on social networking – think instagram, except you can create short videos.  They all stem from simple, weird, creative, or funny.
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– Leading speech therapy app tops the charts – Wellington, FL — May 30, 2013 — Children of all ages can perfect their articulation and get a head start in speaking with Speech Therapy for Apraxia for iOS and Android. Developed by Blue Whale Apps and a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) from
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