Every year, Apple conducts a Worldwide Developers Conference to announce the launch or updates of their software and hardware. Just like every year, the Apple WWDC was held between 3rd and 7th June 2019 at San Jose’s McEnery Convention Center in California. In this year’s WWDC, there were a number of compelling announcements that left […]

AI is the next ‘big’ thing in technology. In the last few years, the technology world has witnessed enormous growth of Artificial Intelligence technology. Having seen the exceptional strengths and promising potential to transform businesses for betterments, startups as well as enterprises, have begun to embrace the AI technology to level up their businesses.

With the increasing digitization, businesses are rapidly adopting applications and software for performing various operations. Most of the time, these applications and software involve security issues which is why businesses are exposed to a number of cyber-attacks. Be it websites or mobile apps, if developed without any robust security, are exposed to security vulnerabilities that may cause severe damage.