2016 Mobile App Trends

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As we embark on a new year, we look forward to seeing the latest and greatest in technology as well as the trends within our own industry of mobile apps and mobile app development. As we all know, mobile apps have exploded in the last couple years, making it possible for smartphone users to do almost anything and everything from a mobile device. And there is no slowing down. Here are four trends we can expect to see in 2016 from mobile app development and usage.

Big Data Becomes More Meaningful: One of the main focuses of mobile app development is to allow marketers to become more customer-centric, using big data to create more meaningful interactions, and of course, more transactions.
Search Engine Results Show More Results: Apps may start appearing in search engine result platforms, taking app directories and recommendations to a whole new level. In addition, expect to see changes in how we search, all conceived from our browsing habits. It is very likely that instead of a page full of search engine results, we will see optimized, fine-tuned mobile search results that recommend a particular product and find it in the customer’s preferred color, size, location, price range, and more (all with the help of third party apps).
E-Commerce Further Integrates with Apps & Social Media: A perfect example of this are with social platform giants like Pinterest who now offers “Buyable Pins” and Instagram with their “Shop Now”. As mobile, social, and e-commerce become more integrated, the buying power via browsing will open up new possibilities like never before.
Apps Become More Lifestyle Focused: In 2016, apps will attempt to become more of a reflection of our lifestyles rather than just a novelty we have on our phones. How so? They will become more feature-full with specifics, i.e. a fitness journal app that displays the weather before you run and also reminds you about other commitments in your schedule. To app developers, the sky is the limit with how apps can impact our lives and each year, the creativity and technology only gets better.
There is little question that mobile apps and mobile app development have a huge impact on the world today. For information on how we can create and develop a mobile app for you, please give us a call!
Resource: www.kissmetrics.com

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