What is the importance of UX Design in App Development?

User experience design relates to the overall user interaction and experience with a site or an app. Positive user experience results in increased app usage, and return customers.

User Experience is Essential to App Success

Logic and common sense dictate that a user's experience is critical to the success of any user-reliant endeavor; however, many confuse "user experience" with personal enjoyment or non-quantitative or qualitative measures such as "the user enjoyed the app in their opinion" or the user "thought the app was neat." Rather, user experience (UX) is something that one should be capable of measuring, which is why UX design is considered to be both controllable and intentional.

What is User Experience Design?

UX design (UXD) aspires to satisfy both the user's needs and the company's goals; thus, it is not exclusively user-centric. This means that UXD is (or should be) the result of intentional or deliberate action.

Many confuse UXD with usability; however, the two have stark differences. Usability pertains more to the app's logistics; for example, how user-friendly is the app? Is the app easy to learn? Terms or measurable deliverables related to usability are those like: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Learnability, Memorability, Expedience and Error-Preventability

Thus, UXD is about the encompassing and overall user experience. The intuitiveness of the app plays a role here; additionally, the app's overall layout and navigability are also critical factors impacting UXD.

Strong UXD is achieved when the user is not even aware of the intricacies that make their experience using a particular app so convenient. When users do notice an app's operations –for example, the app is taking a long time to download or upload—it is generally negative. An event where the user's time is seemingly wasted or where the user has difficulty navigating the app or interacting with the app tarnishes the overall user experience and is thus a byproduct of poor or negligent UXD.

Thus interaction is integral and ideally it will encourage continued app usage.

Reaching the Next Level With Deliberate User Experience Design

As noted, at the heart of UXD is the user's overall satisfaction while interacting with the app. When a user is satisfied, he or she will not only return, he or she will also recommend the app. Solid UXD is essential for the viability of any enterprise. At the end of the day, both relevant parties – the company and the user – benefit from robust UXD in these ways:
  • Higher Productivity – A quicker exchange equals more customers
  • More Sales – Strong UXD means users are engaged from initiating their interaction with an app to concluding their use, so if the app is for commercial purposes, the user is more likely to make a purchase before ending their session.
  • Less Training – Employees will spend less time troubleshooting and more time making advances and improvements to the app.
  • Lower Development Costs – Targeted app development means that resources are not wasted on bells and whistles the audience has little interest in.

  • To achieve all of these – and other—deliverables, the app's design should be purposeful and audience-oriented. Designers should be able to articulate what the app exists. Any additions should be both justifiable and measurable.

    In terms of audience orientation, the app's design should not attempt to encompass audiences who are unlikely to use the app. Thus, strong UXD is the product of deliberation and research.

    By ensuring that the user experience design will provide for positive, meaningful user interactions, app developers can guarantee extensive customer satisfaction as well as continued app usage.

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