Speech Therapy for Apraxia - Words

Speech Therapy for Apraxia -Words is a convenient, effective speech therapy iPad app for children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech/dyspraxia, adults with apraxia, use by anyone working with individuals with apraxia, either therapists or parents. It can also be used for traditional articulation practice.
:: Features ::::
arrow Choose from 9 different word groups to target.
arrow Words are categorized according to place of articulation of the phonemes and pattern of articulation within the word.
arrow For each group, choose the level at which to practice.
arrow Detailed instructions explain how to choose an appropriate word group and practice level.
arrow Moves through a logical progression of 8 different levels for motor planning for speech.
arrow Illustration and audio provided for each word.
arrow Option to repeat levels, reset, or move to next level.
arrow Can also be used for straight articulation drill for particular types of phonemes.

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