Golf Instruction Apps - Golf Swing Apps for iPhone and iPad by Jack Nicklaus

Client: Nicklaus Interactive, Inc. located West Palm Beach, Florida.

Problem: The "Golf My Way" iPhone app was one of the very first golf instruction apps available in the App Store. Version 1.0 of the app was submitted and approved in November 2009 and unfortunately, like many other apps in the store, it was never updated and only supported up to iOS 4. The app continued to work, but when when iOS 7 came out, like a lot of apps in the store, it was not compatible and failed to even open. Additionally, the app was never build for retina display, the larger iPhone 5 and did not support iPads. Client came to Blue Whale with a need to quickly update the app so that existing user base could once again use the app, but also support the iPad, latest operating systems and newer screen sizes for the iPhone.

Solution: Blue Whale completely redesigned the app with a fresher, modern design for both iPhone and iPad. A new monetization strategy was implemented by giving users a few free golf video lessons, along with the ability to purchase any video ala carte or download the entire video catalog for a discount.

Features: Over 25+ videos to watch from the 1974 Golf My Way instructional book, the most successful golf instruction book of all time. Watch videos using a custom video player, share to Facebook, purchase to view on your iPhone or iPad, easily follow Jack on Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets, view Jack's Career Capsule and more.

Tools Used: Objective-C, Apple hosted in app purchases.

Total Development Time: 8 weeks from start to submission.
Jack Nicklaus Golf My Way iPhone and iPad Application

It may seem like there's an app for everything, but teams like Blue Whale are continually coming up with new and exciting ways to use the technology in your phones to interact with everyday life. One of our favorite novel uses of a phone's sensors has to be golf swing apps.

Though golf swing apps aren't entirely in the same vein as golf instruction apps like the "Golf My Way" iPhone app described above, they're unique in that they accelerate their users' self-improvement by recording the physics behind their swing and offering insight into what they can do to better it.

What makes these apps so great is that they change something in real life for the better. While you can always pay top dollar for a coach or spend hours trying to self-correct your swing blindly, neither approach is easy, nor is it comfortable. When you can simply pull out your phone, load an app, and get real, useful data on every facet of your golf swing, every other approach just seems dated!

It may seem that you need a pro, or at least your local course pro, to improve your swing. In reality, while these things help, you can do a lot on your own to fix problems! Swings come down to physics: the right combination of club angle, posture, velocity, momentum, and form can make the difference between a lousy swipe and a record hit.

Spirit plays a part, but mastering these physics concepts goes a long way to making the process a good one. Thankfully, most of this data can be gathered directly inside of the phone, without any additional tools needed.

Golf swing apps use your phone's sensors, already built in, to log their data. The accelerometer notes the direction and force of the swing, while other sensors can log data like angles, club speed, and rotation, giving in many cases a full visualization of the swing! Pair that with a buddy and a phone's built-in camera and you have a powerful analytical tool to perfect your swing right in your pocket.

Interested in building your own custom golf instruction or golf swing app? Get in touch with Blue Whale and find out how to stand out! Our expert team of iOS and Android developers can turn your dreams into reality, using the newest techniques and iOS 8-ready design.

Golf Instruction Apps for iPhone and iPad - Download Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus
Golf My Way iPhone iPad App for Jack Nicklaus

Golf My Way

Jack Nicklaus's golf instructional videos

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