Mobile Application Developers

The world has embraced new technology and continues to yearn for more. This is even more true to mobile devices. Their convenience and adaptability has made every user to seek a smaller phone of what used to be desktop machines. Mobile application development refers to the creation of software and technical applications that will specifically work on hand held devices. The mobile devices' limited memory and environment is different from the larger machines and calls for specialised applications. It is in this growing field that the role of mobile application developers comes to the fore.

There are numerous kinds of hand held devices, including personal digital assistants, smartbooks, smartphone, iPads ,tablets and the usual cell phones. The demand for these devices keeps on growing and with it comes the demand for applications that can be used with them. The applications range from software, gaming devices, social networking to business tools and personal organizers. In this pool of application developers, opportunities abound for software engineers, product managers and user interface engineers to name but a few. If you are a mobile devices technical expert, then you should begin to tuning your skills to meet the demands of application development.

Technology firms are the leading employers of mobile application developers. With the total revenue accrued from mobile applications including advertising projected to go over $15 billion this year, by the research firm Gartner Inc, it is easy to see why. The demand by these firms for skilled people has been on the rise with job postings going over the roof. a 302% rise in application developers' job listings for Android developers. Those for iPad had an increase of 220%. With such demand, there are endless gains to be made by capitalising on this growing segment.

The conventional business industry is also an interested party and one of the players demanding more mobile applications. The service and product companies have joined the fray tapping on the opportunities offered by mobile devices in reaching out to customers. There are several services which are now being offered to customers including making purchases via the mobile and paying for bills. The banks, hospitality industries, airlines and a host of other companies are demanding for mobile application developers. Most may not be able to hire on full time basis and resort to outsourcing creating a market for self employed consultants and IT firms.

This high growth has partly been fuelled by the shortage of experts familiar with the new operating platforms like the Android, Blackberry and Apple's iPad and iPhone. To fully benefit from this opportunity that promises to rise with the breakthrough in Africa and China, you could do with additional learning to familiarise yourself with the new operating systems. Learning additional programming language like HTML5 and skills for creating required user interface and design will place you in a great position. The high demand for mobile application developers offers wide opportunities for anyone interested in this field.