How Developers Create Apps for the Apple Watch

Using the Apple WatchKit, Apple app developers are currently able to modify and update many existing apps for use on the much-anticipated Apple Watch. Later in 2015, developers will be able to create apps exclusively for the Apple Watch thus widening the door for conveniences offered by Apple technologies.

Using the Apple Watch App WatchKit

Apple is known for products with a sleek, modern streamlined appearance that are highly intuitive – AKA easy to use. With the coming release of the much-anticipated Apple Watch in the spring of 2015, Apple's own top app developers are working to pre-emptively innovate new Apple Watch apps as well as to update existing Apple apps currently available on other Apple products, such as the iPhone or iPad, so they can work together. The Apple Watch will be compatible with iOS 8 products.

Updated Versus New Apps

Currently, only Apple app developers have the opportunity to modify and update. The opportunity for other app developers to innovate new apps exclusively for the Apple Watch will not be available until some time later in 2015.

WatchKit Apps
developed exclusively for the Apple Watch will be capable of being manipulated via the Apple Watch, and they will be entirely functional with the Watch. It's important to note, however, that the ability to operate the app via the Apple Watch is not a feature universal to all its apps. Apple Watch

Two Types of Updated Apps

Apps designed for other Apple products and modified to work with the Apple Watch will be functional in one of two ways: Glances or Actionable Notifications.
1. Glances: Glance-only apps are exactly what they sound like; these apps provide read-only information to watch wearers about information from other apps.
2. Actionable Notifications: Actionable Notifications allow WatchKit wearers to take action on an app directly from their watch.
Both types offer different conveniences. Regardless of the app type, "taptic" feedback is available. That is vibrating feedback that enables the watch-wearer to know if he or she received a message, notification, or update.

Apple Watch App Differences

Already considered to be Apple's most convenient and personal Apple product to date, the Apple Watch will do the following for its wearers:
  • Travel: Watch apps will be able to quickly tell travelers – at a glance – when their plane is boarding, when it will be departing, if there are delays, gate changes, and in-flight information such as location and altitude, etc.
  • Security: The Apple Watch will enable wearers to set their security alarm, turn off lights, or lock their homes from just their wrist.
  • Social Media: Photos, statuses, and other social media features on apps like Facebook and Instagram can instantly be "liked" from the Apple Watch.
  • Sports Updates: Sports fans can instantly see how their teams are performing via the Apple Watch.
  • Health: Users can monitor health and fitness statistics via the Apple Watch whether it is measuring one's heartbeat or tracking the distance run in a day.
  • Communication: Taps, swipes, and other somewhat revolutionary methods can be used by watch-wearers to send messages to contacts.

    Thus, to date, apps for the Apple Watch already exist for helping users keep track of the weather, personal health and fitness, social media, messages and incoming calls, a camera, Apple maps, and Apple Pay among others. All apps will not port well to the watch, but there is likely to be something there you haven't thought of, yet.

    Apple Watch apps promise to continue Apple's legacy of revolutionizing convenient technology and communication. Updating existing apps for Apple product users will offer one level of convenience while the pending development of new apps for the Apple Watch will lead to exciting leaps in personalized technology.

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