Meet some big fish in app development

If you're looking for an app development company or specialists in iPad and Android app development, there's no need to conduct a fishing expedition. You've found one of the most talented experienced app development companies on earth.

Blue Whale brings you a team of highly experienced professionals who have worked with the world's leading technology, advertising and design companies.

Want to know how to get an app developed? Count on Blue Whale to collaborate with you at every stage of the app development project lifecycle—from concept to completion.

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bullet point icon Initiation - We're onboard with you to document your business case, establish the sponsors, define roles and complete the discovery phase with a clear understanding of needs.
bullet point icon Planning - Blue Whale will create a software design spec from your RFP to confirm the exact scope of work, dependencies, assumptions, and technical requirements.
bullet point icon Management - Your project plan will be updated weekly with specific data regarding milestones, change control, risk and cost management.
bullet point icon Completion - The conclusion of your project will include submission to the app store and up to 30 days of support.

Team Blue Whale

Pathik Jayani, ceo
Pathik captains this ship directing the strategic course of Blue Whale. Pathik manages professional services, operations, partnerships and the internal development of Blue Whale branded apps.

Joshua, vice president, pmp
Josh has 12 years experience as a project manager using Agile software development methodologies. Josh guides clients through all project definition, scheduling, design, development and testing to ensure the ultimate success and acceptance of each project.

Kim, project manager
Kim is usually the first person you'll speak with at Blue Whale. She'll answer all your app development questions and concerns. Kim's extra-ordinary attention to detail and organization skills keep our project management tools streamlined.

Matthew, senior iOS + android app developer
Matt is a quick thinker and solutions oriented Objective-C expert with 7 years experience building complex iOS apps. He has a superior attention to detail when it comes to integrating custom front end designs and UI.

Michael, senior applications architect
Michael has over 18 years experience working with open source technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, Postgres and MySql and is the lead architect for all apps that require complex APIs and back end systems.

Stephen, senior android developer
Steve has worked with nearly every aspect of Android from simple apps to working on the OS itself. In the event you have a request he does’t know how to implement, he enjoys solving problems and coming up with new and innovative solutions.

Victor, senior microsoft technologies developer
Victor is a veteran developer and has abundant experience with microsoft technologies. He has worked with legacy database systems and is a great combination of web technologist and mobile application developer.

Marc, senior ui/ux designer
Marc has 10+ years interactive design and user experience. He's always up for a new challenge when it comes to rethinking how people use mobile applications.

Phil, senior ui/ux designer
Phil is a design visionary. Wether it is a corporate re-branding or a new product design, his work reflects the latest trend that takes the offering to the next level.

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